Corporate T2 Compliance

In conjunction with audit, review or compilation engagements, we prepare clients corporate tax returns. Given that our firm prepares over 500 T2’s yearly, we have detailed knowledge of tax compliance matters which will help you ensure that you receive the highest quality service.

Tax Planning

Our tax practice takes pride in being at the leading edge of tax planning matters. As a result, it is common for other local CPA firms to engage our firm to provide them with specific taxation support on a transactional basis.

Our tax planning practice includes:      

  • Business succession planning and structure
  • Provincial and federal commodity tax planning and compliance
  • Corporate tax planning
  • Estates and Trusts
  • Individual tax planning
  • Mergers, acquisitions and divestiture taxation issues

Many significant tax planning opportunities require long-term pre-planning and non-routine corporate structures.  To ensure that all of our clients’ long-term taxation planning opportunities are fully exploited, our Partners receive a monthly update from our Partner in charge of tax.  The update covers any new taxation opportunities and a review of clients to which the opportunities may apply.

Federal and Provincial Taxes (Commodity Taxes)

Many of our clients operate in multiple tax jurisdictions including various Canadian provinces and US states.  The local taxes (including Provincial, State, GST, Payroll and Capital taxes) can be complex and unintentional errors can result in unexpected liabilities.  Our firm has the knowledge and resources to assist you in understanding the application of the various tax laws to your operations to reduce the risk of error or omissions.

U.S. and International

Cross-border interest of Canadian companies continues to grow at a rapid rate.  Many of our clients have subsidiaries or permanent establishments in the U.S.  Our tax department has a reciprocal working relationship with a well established Certified Public Accountant firm based in North Dakota that we work closely with to assist with our clients’ US compliance filling.

Our firm specializes in establishing the appropriate Canadian/US corporate structure that is most appropriate in the circumstances. Inappropriate cross-border corporate structures can result in significant unintentional tax incidence.